Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

Cuneiform is a product of Taochirho Limited. We may be contacted via .

Taochirho Limited's privacy policy tells you about the types of information we may receive, how we use the information, the measures we take to safeguard it.

Cuneiform does not request open access and when you use Cuneiform, Taochirho receives no personal information whatsoever about you or the text you enter.

By default Cuneiform saves any 3 or more letter words you enter in your user dictionary and then keeps a count of the frequency with which you use them. The dictionary is then used to make suggestions. You can switch this off in settings and it is switched off automatically if you are entering a password.

You can use Cuneiform to add, amend or delete (via Settings) words and shortcuts in your user dictionary. These are never, in any circumstances, sent to us. However do be aware that they are stored on your device and will be available to anyone who uses it. We therefore strongly advise that you do not store passwords or other sensitive information such as bank account details in your user dictionary.

In summary, under no circumstances, do we ever receive any information on your use of Cuneiform.

We would however be delighted to receive any comments or feedback you have, particularly any ideas you may have to make Cuneiform easier or more efficient to use. How quickly did you learn the gesture pairs?