Install Android

Installing Cuneiform is a two step process:

Installing the application

Making Cuneiform your default keyboard. This second step varies a little from device to device and Android version. The screenshots below come from a Samsung Galaxy J3 running Android version 8.0.0 (Oreo).


Tap Install

Select Settings /
General Management

Select Language and input

Select On-screen keyboard

Select + Manage keyboards

Toggle Cuneiform on

OK the Google alert. Cuneiform adds words to your personal dictionary but does not send anything back to us. Our Privacy Policy has more information.

OK this alert.

Cuneiform is installed.

Making Cuneiform the default keyboard

Select Default keyboard

Select Cuneiform

Cuneiform is now the default keyboard

Changing keyboard whilst entering text

Swipe down (may also see ⌨)

Select Change keyboard

Select keyboard